Balancing talent and passion with clear professionalism and even just a hint of a recognisable image is no easy feat these days. From songwriting to performance, through quality production, genre fusion, and maintaining a genuine love for the process every step of the way – Andon is an artist with his mind on success, and this release speaks volumes on behalf of that.” - Rebecca Cullen

Stereo Stickman

Latest single - the one


Pop musician Andon always has music on his mind and a song in his heart. His undeniable love for music ensures that he never loses the desire to share his musicality. Andon taught himself to play the guitar and has written numerous as yet released songs. 

Andon was a contestant on Jamaica's local talent Show Digicel Rising Stars. He had been auditioning for the show since 2014. Andon got his break in 2018 when he got onto the TV show officially and made it all the way to an overall 6th place finish out of hundreds of singers who had auditioned. That experience further boosted his belief and hunger to be musically creative.


featured video - You Don't Love Me

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